Writers in crisis

The book Bermodod has stopped reading. The practice of reading habits has decreased, the doctor has already heard it. Tulsi Bhattarai illustrated the present environment in the study – kept it in a small pistol, even in the car, can be heard in other countries, even to reach the same throat, add it to the computer, not to be heavy enough to carry it, and to throw thousands of books. Take out, “How does the kit sell in such environment?

Speaking at the workshop’s inauguration program called ‘Smriti and Sanshti’, written by Srata, Indra Prasad Katuwal, chaired by Chairman of the Jyendra Prasad Prasai Literature Service, Gopiprishna Prasai, in Birtmod. Bhattarai said, “This is not the only problem of an author, publishers have said this, the publishers are suffering from the pain of books.”

“Remembering the condition of Mala Vikri written years ago, she adds,” Millions of rupees worth the sale of her Veela, still … but the previous reading exercise is due to the reason that the writer is difficult to find the market. “

He used to say that the use of technology, our traditions and old things, are being separated from society as well as language literature. He said, “The authors are in a bad state, but the book is written harder, but it is difficult to read the readers and markets, but they should not be able to continue writing, even after hundred years, the book may be evaluated.”

Lecturer Yagraj Prasai said that the writers and intellectuals for the change of the country, even though the state did not play the role of the literature. Speaking about Nepal’s political activities, he said, “Muluk is going out of the desert.”

Literature and Kabir Pokmal Pokhrel, who can not be able to be cultured without literature, said.

Pokharel said that “Education is a matter of teaching, philosophy, thinking, and literature, and literature should not be ignored.” Pokharel said that there is a great role in literature for civil society building. Speaking on the occasion, Krishna writer Katuwal said that discrimination, morality, patriotism, environment and contemporary subjects have been included in the book for the distress of the morale of the society.


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