Gorkha Welfare Trust

The building of Mahendra Jyoti Mavi, located at Birtomod 10 of Jhapa, was constructed by Birtmod and Gorkha Welfare Trust GWT on Wednesday.

Journalist JV. Journal of GW, inaugurated the school building and transferred to the school management committee.

Trust teacher constructed 8 Kothi Bhawan Bhawan, school school in the compound and construct 3 toilets including a restaurant with a restaurant, Birendra Kadiya, informed that the cost of Rs.20 million was constructed. Social mobilizer Ramdarsan Gurung, has been facilitating the construction of the building.

Appreciating the help of Trast, thanked the Vice President and Vidyalaya Samiti, Duryodhan Gurung, saying that the help of the donor has helped a lot in the future.

Principal of the reception school Prem Bahadur Limbu had done the program organized by the teacher Birendra Kadri. The building has been formally inaugurated only Wednesday and a half years ago.


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