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Complaint of Dalit Ladies

“As a result of local development in Karvavta and federal structure, public representatives were elected as representatives. The local level head, the Deputy Head of the Vadas, has the proportional representation of the population and gender in the local level, with the guarantee of liability.

Similarly, Dalit and executive members of Mechinagar municipality of Jhapa have complained that their role has been discriminated against the role and work experience in the welfare of the people who are elected.

Nirmala Parar (Niru), executive executive of Mechinagar Municipality, said that there was no such reality in the fact that despite being a member of a Sinharwar in village village, it seems like it was possible. “There is no other work than having a clinging and allowance in the meeting – she said.

Krishna Maya Barili, a member of Vada VDC, said that the quota was only like 12-year experience. Bareli said that despite the fact that the community did not believe in the belief, even though the community believed in themselves.

Meena Gajmer, a female member of Mechinagar-9 who was from both Dalits and women members, was told that there was a lot of violence in Vada. “Where could we both be dreadful, and we could not win the mind of other people in the vagina,” she said.

Although three Dalit members were elected in the Executive Member of Vaju Prasad Varda of Vada No. 11, they accused that they did not work. What is going on in the executive, we should know from the dalit member we sent – but the Dalit-based member says, our leader does not say, ‘There is nothing to say about getting interested in interest,’ said Bardi. ‘There should be no talk, speak, understand, fight, Only found. ‘


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समाचार समाचार Complaint of Dalit Ladies

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