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Challenge to tackle and teach

Birtmod said that Education and Science Technology Minister Giriajamani Pokharel has said that there is a great deal of teaching and teaching students in community schools.

Speaking at a press conference organized at Birtamod of Jhapa, Minister Pokhrel said that there is not only a major recruitment for the students, but they are also challenging them to teach them and avoid the risk of dropout. Minister Pokhrel informed that the students were also given the school food in the next budget to address the same problem.

According to International Education, some sample schools will be run by the federal government, giving information about the local community’s information on local level.

Speaking that Nepal’s federalism is a co-operation, coordination and co-existence model, the sample school urged the government to do otherwise otherwise.

He emphasized the need to add science to science technologies in education sector and said that the National Education Bill is being prepared accordingly. She said that the education school, such as political, could not be changed, the community school said that only after the death anniversary it would be the result.

Speaking to the Nepali sender that Nepali should not be weakened, Minister Pokhrel assumed the mother tongue and Nepali and Sanskrit should not follow.

He said that despite the need for new thinking, education was still inaccessible. Addressing the provision that the illiterate living in 2085 years will not be able to provide any service from the opening of bank accounts, Minister Pokharal urged all the people to reach the school and literate literacy.

The Federal Structure said that there was a complex issue due to systematic structure due to the fact that the first year of becoming a top official, federalism has been the basis for implementation.

Lalaraj Jhapali had been operating the press conference held under the chairmanship of Mukti Poudel.

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समाचार समाचार Challenge to tackle and teach

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