Farmer tools

Jhapa, Labor Employment and Social Security Minister Gokarna Bista said that the country would be meaningful for providing agriculture by modernizing agriculture through mechanism.

In the program of farm equipment transfers organized by Birtmod Municipality Agriculture and Animal Development Development Branch, Minister Bista said that agriculture is irrelevant to import agricultural goods worth more than the previous year in the country and emphasizing the need to attract farmers in agriculture.

According to Bista, the agriculture community has a significant role in life transformation and to create employment by combining agriculture with modernization.

In the program held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chief of Birtmod Municipal and Coordinator of Agricultural Assessment Monitoring Committee, holy Mahatara Prasai, the Chief Guest Bistra and Chief of the special guest Birtmod Municipality were called Dhravav Kumar Shivakoti.

Speaking at the program, Shiva Koti, while addressing the program, said that the demand could not be addressed at the same time due to low budget due to low budget.

The agricultural branch of the municipality, Prakash Rajendra Kadariya, has been given tools to the farmers of different agricultural groups within the Birtmod Nagar area, which has highlighted the welcome and justification.

According to the Agriculture Branch, head of the Agriculture Department, distributed this year, according to the annual program associated with the mechanism of the agriculture sector. The municipality has been distributing agricultural equipment to commercialize agricultural profession than Nirwarki.


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